Monday, December 04, 2006


A lot has happened since we last visited with our heroine (yeah, that'd be me for those of you keeping score at home). First, my alma mater pulled off the biggest upset in the recent history of college football. USC was favored by two touchdowns (if you don't know football, trust me, that aint good) and we hadn't beaten SC in like seven years. It was a nail biter until the last 90 seconds and totally made my season ticket purchase worthwhile. Go Bruins!

Second, I settled that lawsuit with my "friend" so now I don't have to go to trial. I feel like I won because I paid what is known as nuisance value. Basically, you figure out what the time you are spending in trial is actually worth and then you pay something less than that. Is it wrong for me to send an IM to her with nothing more than that emoticon that rolls around on its back laughing? I suppose that would be wrong. Very wrong. But fun! And yet wrong.

My car is still sporting damage from accident. Absolutely no work has been performed. Guy who hit me is just pulling witnesses out of the woodwork. Seriously. There was one woman at the accident. And now there is a man who swears he saw everything. Amazing, no? I will, obviously, be screwed on this.

The Feds have not yet raised the interest rate so housing prices are sitting still so that means no yard for El Sid just yet. Sid sad. Woe is Sid.

Well, I guess that sums things up a bit here on the farm. Until next time...

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