Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas '06 (Y1/M8/D24)

E and I decided it was time for a little R&R so we cashed in a hotel gift certificate his parents gave him for his last birthday. But not just any hotel. Oh no. The Ritz Carlton! We took Sid to spend the night with some of her doggy pals and headed out to Marina Del Rey to checked in and wind down. We each got massages and then met back in the room for some professional-grade napping. It was just going to be a little nap but that bed was seriously like sleeping in a cloud. Seriously, it would've been like prying me out of velcro sheets while I was wearing velcro pajamas.

Next, we walked over to Cafe Del Rey for some appetizers and sangria. They had a fabulous Autumn Spice Sangria which was essentially mulled wine with asian pears and fuji apples served over ice. I wished I'd had the recipe for the latke party. It was amazing! Afterwards, we mozied back to the Ritz for (you guessed it!) more naps.

We decided it was best to have dinner at the hotel as it would be one of the few places open on Christmas Eve that wasn't already booked to the gills. We soon found out why it wasn't booked to the gills: dinner for two at the Ritz Carlton on Christmas Eve is: $289. That does not include alcohol. Yeah. I was pretty stunned too. I mean, first off, they should've told me it was prix fix (they failed to mention that we detail). I knew it wouldn't be cheap, but still. We went back to our room to fade the sticker shock from dinner with the bottle of Veuve Cliqout that I bought to celebrate our move back on May 5 (but that we were too tired to drink after all that moving). Good thing Champagne doesn't go bad and good thing I remembered to pack it because I wasn't in the mood to fork over any more cash to our friends at the Ritz.

So there we were sipping Champagne back in our room and it hits us: the hot tub is open twenty-four hours! Brilliant! Except for the fact that while we remembered swim suits, we did not remember to pack hot-tub appropriate shoes. It was a little awkward when E & I (looking a bit like flashers in our complimentary robes and tennis shoes) joined the other hotel guests in the elevator but it was that or no hot tub so whatchya gonna do?

All in all, it was a very relaxing holiday and we're hoping to do it again next year. Well, I think we'll probably make dinner reservations elsewhere ... but other than that.

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