Monday, December 25, 2006

Latke Palooza! (Y1/M8/D17)

E and I threw a little coming out party for our favorite hound, El Sid. Anyhoodle, we figured we'd have a little latke party and introduce El Sid to all our friends. Though often confused for potato pancakes, latkes are actually much crispier and thinner. I tried a new recipe from Sunset magazine for herbed latkes this year and I must say I was rather pleased with the results. They were delicious with sour cream and caviar.

Sid handled all the commotion fairly well, but luckily for us two ingenious (and beloved) guests brought Sid the cutest dog cookies ever from The Wagging Tail in Santa Monica. Whenever she got a bit worked up we brought her back down to Earth with one of those tastey morsels. Did I mention that they were The Cutest Dog Cookies Ever? Because they were. Cookies shaped like stars of David and dreidels and the best ever: a dog wearing a yamulke. And made from only dog-friendly ingredients. Fabulous! Of course, there's kind of a light blue stain on the carpet which is suspiciously similar to the blue "frosting" on the cookies ... but it's a small price to pay (and likely to come out with a little Resolve).

I was so impressed with the dog cookies, that I did some digging around on the Internets and learned that The Wagging Tail also sells... are you sitting down? They sell dog beer. Calm down! Before you post about how wrong it is to get your dog drunk and how carbonation will make their stomaches explode -- it's non-alcoholic and non-carbonated. It's also beef flavored. AND, I am not buying it. I am just saying... dog beer. Who'd o' thunk? Eh? Besides, Sid's more of a Savingon Blanc girl. Heh.

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