Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sid: the hound who stole X-mas (Y1/M8/D10)

We got the tree up! But I don't think any major department store is going to come knocking on my door for holiday decorating advice. Turns out I am missing the gene most women have that tells them where the ornaments should go exactly. Sure, I'm not as bad as E; he'll put two of the exact same ornament side-by-side on the same branch. And then when he's in the kitchen getting another cup of hot cocoa, I have to secretly (and swiftly!) rearrange everything he put on. But I have to admit, my re-arranging is only marginally better.

Anyhoodle, once the whole thing was fully assembled, El Sid went behind the tree and chewed clean through the electrical cord (fortunately, it wasn't plugged in to the wall socket). She got away with this by slowly inching her way behind the tree with a chew toy (as a diversion, of course). We thought she was simply chewing the hell out that toy and generally minding her own business. Yeah. Not so much. She was making a meal out of the wiring.

And that's a fake tree with a thousand pre-wired lights. You can't just switch the lights if they go out. You pretty much have to just toss the whole tree, lock, stock and barrel. So it was off to the hardware store for wire-strippers and electrical tape and I'm happy to say I did a bang up job getting the lights to work again. And here's a tip for you: make sure you get the green electrical tape to camouflage the repair. The red will really draw unwanted attention.

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