Thursday, November 02, 2006

Random Product Endorsement

Behold the Kong! Sure this toy looks simple (and it is) but Sid thinks it's supercrazyfantastic. They come in a variety of shapes and some have ropes and whatnot. Sid has the size "C" red Kong. You can see that they have a big hole on one end and a small hole on the other. You can fill the cavity with a variety of things and you can also string it up to give your dog something to jump and try to pull down. Personally, I don't want Sid learning that jumping and grabbing things is fun, so we don't do that.

There's a few things Sid appears to particularly love about the Kong. First, she loves the cheez-whiz like peanut butter filling ("Kong Stuff'n Paste") you can put in there. It takes her a good half hour to get it all out (which happens to be the amount of time I need to mop down the kitchen floor without her barking at the mop). She also loves to try and liberate (then devour) the liver-snap biscuits that you can stuff in there. Today, E is taking her to the vet to get her last round of shots (praise the lord! she can finally play with other dogs!). So to keep her occupied in the crate for the car ride over, I filled the Kong with her kibble, then sealed off the big hole with peanut butter and froze it. The frozen peanut butter keeps the kibble in the Kong and it also takes a lot longer for her to eat.

Finally, the Kong is a totally fun toy even without any treats in it. It's rather bouncy but in a highly unpredictable manner (unlike a tennis ball that tends to follow a linear trajectory). Sid is baffled by the bouncing pattern and will play with the bouncing Kong much longer than a tennis ball. So there you have it. It really is the "World's Best Dog Toy."

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