Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Woe is Me (Y1/M7/D29)

The "Woe Is Me" Entry

I'm having a spot of misfortune right now and I just need to vent. Here it is:

(1) I got major food poisoning on Thanksgiving 3,000 miles from my own bathroom;
(2) thus, had to travel on Monday instead of Sunday and fall behind another day in work;
(3) traveled 15 hours on Monday;
(4) beloved family member had major surgery on Monday (very scary);
(5) got a traffic ticket this morning for turning 5 minutes before 9:00 a.m.;
(6) got a letter from IRS saying they think I underpaid my 2004 taxes;
(7) am being sued next week for a quarter of a million dollars by my "friend;"
(8) some dude hit my car last week and there is a coverage issue because he was driving Somebody Else's car and Somebody Else won't return the insurance company's calls;
(9) my car has been in shop for 2 weeks already and no work has been done;
(10) my payroll check was not signed by MY EMPLOYER so it got rejected and the bank just deducted the entire amount from my checking account and started drawing off my savings account and charging me a fee every time and they notified me of this by U.S. Mail while I was out of state for ten days;
(11) in response, threatened to Take My Banking Elsewhere! and bank didn't care and then I realized I would only be inconveniencing myself so I stayed put; AND
(12) Since November 18, have been at home for a total of 11 hours and I am getting on another plane in three hours then will come home for two days then leave town again for one week.

I am so tired. I just want to close my eyes and when I open them I want to be in a bathtub in Maui with a glass of champagne and an island breeze. But instead I have to go to some conference on current developments in securities law, executive compensation, M&A and employment law. I'm sure that'll be just as good.

On the upside, while I was out of town, El Sid learned to pee outside. God bless her fuzzy little heart.

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