Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving - Leg 1 (Y1/M7/D21)

Ahoy from Boston! We are visiting my brother on the way to New Jersey. It's cold here (40's) but sunny. I brilliantly packed one tennis shoe (where IS the other?) so I picked up a cute pair of black converse to fill in. We had dinner at this supercrazyfantastic restaurant last night. It's called Figs (a Todd English restaurant). We had asparagus frites and calamari to start. Then a big pizza that was half steak, tiny delicate onion rings, arugala and mustard aioli (amazing!) and half shrimp with an arrabiata sauce. We washed it all down with a tasty pitcher of sangria.

Today we are off for a road trip up the New England coast and we leave for The Garden State tomorrow.

We call to check on El Sid nearly constantly (she's just fine, apparently). Last night I dreamed I was back home and trying to pick her up. Erm... obsessive much? Okay, I gotta run. Happy Thanksgiving!

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