Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sid Ate the Curtains (Y1/M6/DS26)

Sorry it's been so quiet on the blog lately but between work, the puppy, and everything else, it's been crazy busy for us.

So El Sid has been really difficult lately. She has gone from a sweet fluffy 14 pound bundle of puppyness to 30 pounds of chewing fury. Yeah. She doubled in size in about three weeks. Anyhoodle, it appears that she is in the doggy equivalent of The Terrible Twos. Accordingly, we have taken to repeatedly reminding her that: (1) we are not her real parents, we adopted her; and (2) we kept the receipt. Of course, this seems to have virtually no effect upon her. Por exemplar, last night she tore down the curtains on the French doors in the kitchen.

I might have been more upset if E hadn't upstaged her. Allow me to illustrate with a brief recitation of the day's events.

At the end of the work day I get an email from E advising me that El Sid is not, in fact, a fan of the kitchen curtains and, because she cannot actually speak English, she has chosen to express her distaste for the curtains in a more physical way. I leave work a wee bit depressed over El Sid's regression and transgression both. To cheer myself up I decided to stop at Target (we needed milk anyway). As I roam past the window treatments aisle I remember that I have A Very Bad Dog and call E to see if I should get new curtains.

He informs me that he does not know whether the curtains are torn because when he found them on the floor he threw them straight into the washer. I press further and ask if he thinks they might be ruined, he informs that he does not think they are. "Well, right," I tell myself, "if they were obviously in bad shape he wouldn't bother washing them so at worst maybe there's a puncture mark or two." I forego purchasing replacements. When I get home and walk into the kitchen I find the French doors as naked as the day they were installed and the neighbors waving at us from the street below apparently amused by the new fishbowl aesthetic of our kitchen.

"Where are the curtains?" I inquire.
"I told you on the phone! They're in the washer." replies E.
"That was an hour ago. They should be done." I explain.
"I didn't turn it on." says he.
"What? Why not?"
"I didn't know what setting."
"Why didn't you just ask me when I called from Target?"
... silence...

I start the washer. When it finishes I remove the curtains to find... can you guess? Shredded curtains. How does he not notice they are shredeed before throwing them in the wash? He does not know. If the washer was not on when I phoned from Target, why couldn't he just open it up and check to see if they curtains were in fact shredded? He does not know!

So, you can see why I have precious little free time these days to update blogs and such.


Lilorfnannie said...

that's a man for you

Kate said...

In fact, Lil O, that's THE man for me. ;-)

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