Wednesday, October 04, 2006

DAY 148

[Kate walks in door, sits on couch exhausted, and scratches Sid on belly. Sid dozes off. The following transpires.]

E: Did you see the notice?

Kate: What notice?

E: There was an armed robbery last night.

Kate: WHAT?! What notice?

E: It just said that two guys robbed somebody in front of an apartment around 10 last night. They had a gun. Another guy drove a get-away car.

Kate: Ohmygod. On our own block? Who was the notice from?

E: I dunno.

Kate: Was there a police logo? Was it from the HOA?

E: Uhhh... I dunno.

Kate: Lemme see the notice.

E: Just go look at it yourself. It's by the mailbox.

[Kate tromps out to mailbox and, seeing nothing, tromps back.]

Kate: There's nothing there. What did it say exactly?

E: I dunno. Just that.

Kate: You can't remember anything else?

E: Nope.

Kate: ....

Kate: Sometimes I want to stab you in the eyes.

Sid: Arf!

Kate: I didn't mean I'd literally stab him in the eyes, Sid.

Sid (relieved): Zzzzzzz.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you live in my complex.....are you in Studio City? new reader by the way. saw the link on LA Land. i will be buying my first house sometime in the next few years.


Kate said...

I used to live in Studio City ... but that notice was in Sherman Oaks.

Indi Remi said...

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