Friday, September 29, 2006

DAY 143

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girl, gather 'round and take a gander at the one and only El Sid:

Yup. That's or newest roommate. What's that? You want to see more photos of the world's cutest puppy? Well, okay. If you insist...

E is convinced that she likes me better. Don't tell him I keep a pocket full of freeze-dried liver treats on me at all times. It'll be our little secret (yours, mine and Sid's).


Zay said...

what kind of dog is sid? so cute!!

Kate said...

Sidney is a Golden Doodle. Her mother is a 75 pound Golden Retriever and her father is (allegedly) a 45 pound Poodle. I say "allegedly" because that sweet darling puppy is on track to weigh about 80 pounds and I suspect the breeder lied about the father's weight. :-/