Friday, September 15, 2006

DAY 130

Huzzah! The crazies are back in town! This week the designers learn that Vincent and Laura will be allowed to come back and compete again. The looks on their faces were priceless and this was easily my favorite episode of the season. The challenge? Design completely in black and white. The twist? No fabric scraps. They had to use every bit.

Here's Laura's (winning) dress. I guess I can't complain that Laura failed to use any color at all given the challnege. Still, one word describes her creation this week: "Meh." The hormones are obviously taking their toll on old Laura but, to her credit, she still managed to muster the strength to bitch slap Angela one more time. Hearing Laura say what thousands of viewers must have been thinking warmed the cockles of my shrivelled black raisin heart and won me over to Team Laura, if only for a fleeting moment. And I was impressed with her for following the rules and using ALL her fabric and in a sensible manner (she created that matching clutch).

This is the dress got Kayne auf'd. THIS?! I mean, come on. He's done so much worse. I actually like this one (from the front, anyway). The back was a goodish idea but ended up looking a bit like the underside of a trampeline... you know? How they have to lace the tarp all tight?

This is fabulous. Michael totally should've won this week. I loved the detail on the belt. And, as duly noted by the judges, the model is styled flawlessly. Let's not forget that styling was supposed to be an integral part of this challenge.

I think Catherine Malandrino said it best: "No. No. No. No."

And the styling? Please. She looks like a girl I knew in 7th grade who would get dropped off for school in a reasonable outfit but then immediately dash to the girl's room where she would change into some hooker outfit she had stowed in her backpack. The same girl who would sit in the back of chemistry class and light a match to melt the tip of her eyeliner pencil and then proceed to apply hot melted black grease to her already raccon-like eyes. And we all know what happened to her.

I like Uli's dress. I totally agree with Our Own Ninagarcia that the sleeves should be shorter. And the necklace was awful. BUT, at least she didn't just stuff her fabric scraps into a purse like Angela did. More on that below.

Where have we seen this dress before? It looks so familiar somehow. OH! I remember! It'is Angela's Audrey Hepburn dress. Only with a shrug that you would positively kill for (if you were going to an Anne Rice convention). The thing that really made me lunge at the television though was when Angela revealed where all her extra fabric went. Thankfully Heidi called her out on it or I would've had to quit my job to free up time for writing lengthy letters to the producers.

And finally, I present to you a Vincent Libretti orignal. When the model walked down the runway, E looked over at me and said: "You know, it's not bad!" Which is when I realized that E totally misses the early 80's when women were Simply Irresistable. Seriously.

Special thanks to The Project Rungay Boys for the runway screen caps hyperlinked in this post.

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