Sunday, September 10, 2006

DAY 127

Oops. I bought another Diane Von Furstenberg dress. This time I went directly to the source. It's charcoal cashmere so I guess I won't be wearing it until the temperature drops some. I must say, the sales girls at DVF are not exactly... umm... how do the French say it? Courteous to customers? But they do know how to wrap the dresses just right -- it's a little trickier then you might think to get the fit just so. I also picked up a cute kimono-style top and a copy of Diane's book: A Signature Life

I haven't fully adjusted to the price of retail career wear... but I haven't bought decent work clothes since law school (can you say "End-of-Season Sale at Ann Taylor"? I knew you could!) so I figure it's time. I mean, there comes a point in your career where people cease to be amused by your fabulous finds from the sales bins at Express.

So, I call my friend Erin from law school to sing the praises of the DVF store and she totally took the wind out of my sails! She says: "Oh that's great! Good work! And guess what? When I was in China I had that Marc Jacobs jacket I just bought remade in suede and two more in cordoroy... what's that? Oh, I think the suede one cost about $40 and the cordoroy was maybe $30?" Gah. She's always one step ahead. I mean, she went to effing Shenghai and had clothes custom made for her for like 10% of the cost! I'm totally putting "trip to Shenghai" I my next 101 in 1001 list. She also mentioned that she got a pedicure in Beijing and they painted little goldfish on her toenails. How cute is that? Goldfish!

Apparently the phone call resulted in some really good shopping kharma because on the way back to my car I found an adorable pair of open-toe navy-blue leather with dark-wood platform heels for (are you sitting down?) $19.99. I know, I know. It's not possible! They were marked down from $120 (so it's not like we're talking Prada but they are darn cute). They'll look fabulous with a dark denim pencil skirt and Brooks Brother's blouse. If I get off the couch today, I'll try to post a photo.

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