Sunday, September 10, 2006

DAY 122

Wow. I've really fallen behind. I blame the out-of-town visitors we had at work all week. Whew. They were time consuming. But enough about them! Let's talk runway people:

You know how I feel about Old Laura, but still I have to point out that she is designing in *yawn* black and white. And I get where she was trying to go with that collar -- but OY! did she miss or what? I mean, this dress is what Herman Munster conjurs up for his French Maid Fantasy. Next!

When Michael had this dress on the form it started out pretty; I love the color. He was too ambitious with the hand rouching -- but I still like the idea. And folding those falsies back into the neck line really made a big difference. Unfortunately, like Laura, Michael missed this week. Next!

It's certainly not the worst thing he's done. Yes, it's upholstery. Yes, it's ill-fitting. Yes, it would look better if the model put it on backwards. But it's simply not laugh out loud funny. Next!

Yeah, it's to much brocade baroque whatnot going on in the bodice... but that fabric in the skirt is gorgeous. I also loved the asymetrical lace-up corsette back on this. It was very sexy. C'mon, he's got talent. He just likes sparkles a wee bit more than the rest of us. Next...

I love Uli's dress. I totally understand the criticism about her narrow range, but I disagree. I think that she has a very distinct voice and you see it in all her designs; much like the venerable Diane Von F. Uli has mad skillz and this was an exceptionally difficult challenge. There's no denying that she's the only desinger who truly achieved it. This is the challenge that Robert Best would've knocked out of the park; it's a pity he had to do the recycle challenge but didn't get a swipe at this.

Jeffrey, like Uli, let us hear his voice in this design. I wouldn't buy this dress, I wouldn't wear this dress, but I like it very much. I could easily see it on Gwen Stefani. But the plaid and the cotton really remind me of this Diane Von Furstenberg runway dress from her Fall '06 collection that I absolutely would wear:

It's not an evening gown, but it's lovely, classic, and a more wearable plaid. I wouldn't mind seeing a plaid challenge on Project Runway; I'd love to see each of the remaining designers take on it.

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