Sunday, September 03, 2006

DAY 119

Today E and I headed to Knott's Berry Farm. We were out having bagels and trying to decide what to do with the day when the idea of roller coasters became very compelling. Neither of us had been there in quite some time and, well, wow. They should rename it Knott's Crappy Farm.

For starters, nearly every concession stand was closed or manned by a single (incredibly overwhelmed) staffer. I never fully appreciated the underground uber-secret tunnel system at Disneyland until I saw how awful it looks to have staffers running around with cases of hamburger buns or scads of packages of cole slaw balanced on their shoulders. So, anyway, getting a soda takes about 30 minutes and costs about $30. Fabulous.

Also, they do not enforce the whole "no cutting in line" rule. No less than twenty people would pass us in line, typically without saying so much as excuse me. Essentially, giant groups of people hit the park and split up. They send one grandma to each major ride and she has a cell phone. When she gets near the front, she calls one of them who brings the whole gang over and they just literally push their way to the front. Super!

Once night fell, we were stunned at how dark the park got. Like can't-see-your-own-shoes dark. And, strangely, the darkest part of the park seemed to be Camp Snoopy (the designated toddler area). That said, they did have several outstanding roller coasters (of course, you have to treck through about 50 acres of retail to get to the next ride but it gives you time to regain your equilibrium).

We had a good time, but it sure is good to be back home on the couch.

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