Thursday, August 03, 2006

DAY 89

Oh, Keith. I'm just sick about this. Your designs were always flattering and chic (and I will totally buy your stuff when you put out a line). At least you handled your dismissal from Project Runway with grace and professionalism. And I thought your note at Blogging Project Runway was likewise professional and courteous. Tim appeared sincerely disappointed that Keith won't be finishing the show too and has confirmed Keith's statements on his own blog:

"And please let me put some rampant speculation to rest. It seems that everyone now knows about the sketchbook in which Keith presents copies of the work of other fashion designers. Nina, Heidi, Michael and I all noted this when we reviewed the portfolios of the semi-finalists. Keith presented four to six sketchbooks and look-books (I can’t recall the exact number), and we assumed that this particular book was for inspiration. Fashion Designers have a responsibility to look at the design work around them. Many make notes or illustrations of the work that appeals to them. It’s not at all unusual. So, for us, that sketchbook was and continues to be a non-issue."

*sniff* I'll miss you Keith! *sniff* [pause for moment of respectful silence]. But you know, we have to Carry On!

Okay, so this week was was a group challenge to design a three piece ensemble for Macy's INC line. The designers split into four groups of three, led by: Keith (*sob*); Robert (I <3 Robert!) NOTE: BROKEN ENTRY... note Angela wrote to Blogging Project Runway. "I'm getting so much love and hate mail right now..." she writes. Oh, please. First off, "Love mail"? I suppose she means fan mail ... but let's be honest Angie, you're getting nothing but I-love-to-hate-you mail. N'cest pas? Anyway, I have to admit that Laura, Michael, and Angela were a pretty good team. Which is no fun at all. Hopefully, Laura and Angela will get into a cat fight or something next week (oh pleez pleez pleez! with sugar on top?)

Speaking of Michael, I'm subbing him in for Keith in my final three. I've loved all his stuff so far and he always appears to be so sweet and good natured. I'm torn between him and Jeffrey though. I adore Jeffrey for his uncensored commentary on Vincent ("the guy's obviously nuts") and for openly fearing that Angela would choose him for her team. But I have to go with the designs I would be most likely to buy... so Michael is my man. Fingers crossed for you, M! Until next week... auf weder? auf weider? weidersein? Oh hell: our feet are sane!

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