Tuesday, August 01, 2006

DAY 88

Let the record show that I am not good at counting days. It has been 88 days since May 5. So this day (August 1, 2006) is officially Day 88 (not Day Sixty Something as I've made it appear to be). I think. I mean, I roughly counted it out in an effort to get the days right. It's right, isn't it? Meh.

I've also noticed that I've veered considerably from my orignal mission: documenting E's adjustment to the good ole San Fernando Valley. Now I'm just sort of scrapbooking our days. But that's because he's pretty well adjusted. Serioulsy, he has totally stopped complaining. And he hasn't broken any of the appliances lately (though he still doesn't know how to program the TiVo and yesterday he was convinced the air conditioner was broken because it kept shutting off. Accordingly, we had a brief lesson on how thermostats operate and he seemed satisfied that the A/C is not, in fact, broken). Love him love him love him!

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