Monday, August 28, 2006

DAY 111

On June 6, 2006 I wrote a 101 (things to do) in 1001 (days) list. I tried to put a wide variety of items on the list: some tasks I’ve been procrastinating; some big exotic trips; and some simple pleasures too. In July, I checked the list and nothing was done. Oops. Now it’s August so I checked again … woohoo! I did some stuff. Here it is:

3. Organize closet so that getting dressed for work isn't such a chore; this includes tossing out regrettable items and purchasing wardrobe staples as indicated.

I broke down and bought ANOTHER shoe rack and dozens of hangers. I donated a bag of accidental purchases. It’s progress. Now, if I could just stop throwing my clothes in a pile in the middle of the closet floor each night... well, let's not get carried away.

7. Fix that em-effing side view mirror, change the oil, check the breaks, and refill the windsheild wiperfluid. Seriously.

Done. Done. And done (see Product Endorsement for Rydell Chevrolet below). Actually, the oil and whatnot was the happy result of a free car-wash and oil-change coupon from the Sherman Oaks car wash (a $60 value!).

25. Finish the random half read novels on night stand.

I finished one (a Marilyn Monroe biography written by her sister Bernice Miracle). The next one (The Tender Bar) isn’t really started yet so I’m counting this one completed.

58. Visit Carpenteria.

E and I stopped on our way to Santa Barbara. It wasn’t so great. It’s possible I missed the quaint part of town somehow. If you know any great spots in Carpenteria please let me know so I can give it another shot.

66. Go to one of those vintage couture places and maybe pick up a Chanel suit (or any other remarkable classic).

One Diane Von Furstenberg dress for $75 (pictured right). I was hoping for a wrap dress with three-quarter length sleeves and a little collar but this was a very close runner up. Perfect with a little cardigan and for office-to-dinner wear. I would have bought half a dozen DVF dresses, if they had them.


ThePRGayBoys said...

"One Diane Von Furstenberg dress for $75. It’s a black and white print and fits like a glove. Perfect for office-to-evening wear. I would have bought half a dozen if they had them."

FABULOUS!!! Pictures?

kate said...

Ugh. You realize I'd have to: (1) take off my current outfit (and gingerly add it to the pile on the closet floor); (2) put on said dress; (3) take my photo in the mirror (a la MySpace); (4) upload the image fifteen times (because it never effing works the first time); and then (5) hang the dress back up (ha ha. As if I'd hang it back up).

Okay! I'll do it (when I get home from work). You guys are so damn convincing! Curse you!