Thursday, August 24, 2006

DAY 107


All done? Well then, we now return you to your regularly scheduled (and regrettably less well crafted) blog post. Carry on.

Meet Angela's mom, Darlene. I know I'm about to give an unpopular opinion (because 73% of you text-message voters took her side over Jeffrey's) but that woman deserves an Academy Award for her performance last night. She antagonized Jeffrey and then when he got a little snippy she turned on the waterworks: Woe is me! Woe is me! I really think she set out to sabotage him (and can you blame him for being sensitive in a high-stakes competition?) If I had any doubts about Darlene's intentions, Angela's coaching behind the dressing screen erased it: "Mom, if the judges ask how you feel in the outfit be honest you have a right to your opinion blah blah blah." How transparent. Why not say: "Mom, you can get your revenge on Jeffrey when you're on the runway. Rip him to shreds."

And I know that if there were less drama I'd be less hooked, but at the same time I feel bad that talented designers get cut before their time. C'mon: Robert eliminated before Vincent? Allison eliminated before Angela? It's not right, I suppose we can only hope that the final three are at truly based on merit. My final three are now Uli, Michael, and Kayne. Since only one of my original final three is still standing it's sort of moot but hope springs eternal. N'cest pas?

So, how much did you love the look of ... what was it? Shock? Physical pain? When Lorraine learned that her daughter Laura is preggers with number 6? And how much did you love Laura saying about her newest bundle of joy: "Five... Six ... Seven... I'll just throw it on the pile with the rest of them." Why does she think it's so chic to be the Anti-Mom? And did I hear Lorraine say she's living with Laura? Well, if that's so, I hope it means somebody is available to dote on that "pile" of kids.

And speaking of Laura... wow! She ventured away from shades of white and all the way into the very daring navy blue. How brazen! Tim's take on Laura's ensemble is supercrazyfantastic:

"Laura’s design for Pam (Jeffrey’s mom) was a dull thud of an outfit. It was matronly in a British, Lady-of-the-Manor way. She paired a navy skirt with a celadon blouse and accented the collar with a scarf. Yawn. Pam had expressed a desire for an everyday outfit for a cruise, but I don’t believe she meant for staffing the cruise."

Pam really should win the World's Best Mom coffee mug. She stood by Jeffrey all the way and made a meaningful effort to divert the faux crisis created by Angela's mom. And she did it with dignity and grace. No smack talking, no eye rolling, just good old fashioned let's-get-some-persepective-here attitude. Indeed, Mrs. Sebelia, Laura could learn a thing or two from you about balancing womanhood and motherhood. I hope you found some time to chat backstage. You know, when you were changing into a cute outfit.

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