Thursday, August 17, 2006

DAY 101

Dude, I told you guys about Laura. She designs in each and every lovely shade of white: ecru, eggshell, beige, grey, oatmeal. This outfit is free of the big ole furry collar and spangles. So that's a step in the right direction. Again, this dress is not ugly. Definitely not. But it's also not creative. And sorry, but I hate the "For Nuts Only" on the ass. Who wants nuts in their ass anyway? Oh hold up, yo. Somebody does. But probably not the same somebody who is gonna buy that dress. And what's that on the belt? A rosette? It's like Laura did it just to spite Angela.

I'm not gonna recap episodes anymore because you totally know what happened and you don't need to be reminded that this was the recyclable challenge and honestly, there's some damn fine recappers out there. But, man, Kayne (Ole Sparkles himself) and Robert ripping Laura to shreds tickled me pink. They have totally become the darlings of the show (despite the fact that they both made the tackiest shiniest whickety-whack possible this week).

So there's the winning dress on the left, yes? Well, it totally should have been. Michael Kors (thank god you're back man!) said it was the only dress that actually moved coming down the runway. He loved the trump l'oeil belt detail (me too!) But those meddling producers! Gah. At least they picked one of my final three: Michael.

Alas, Alison was cut last night and we all know that once again it should've been Vincent but damn... how fabulous is this post at projectrungay? Daisy Duck. Priceless.

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