Monday, July 17, 2006


My faithful reader, Anonymous Rachel, gave me a link to this a fabulous article on the Valley! The title: The San Fernando Valley? Hip? Like totally! Of course, the picture just reminds me that Barry's Boot Camp is upstairs and that's where I work out. Okay, I went last October and haven't been back since. But I am SERIOUSLY thinking about going back for another month. I am. Seriously.

If you've never heard of Barry's, they're sort of famous for being brutal. Allegedly, if you throw up at any point during the workout, they give you a free t-shirt. I don't know because nobody threw up while I was going. At 5 effing 30 in the morning. But I harbored grave concerns that I might on more than one occasion. And with that, Gentle Readers, I bid you adieu.


Anonymous said...

didn't mean to be mysterious. i found your blog on a random search for restaurants in san fernando valley. my fiance brought ME over to the valley from the westside in April. I am slowly learning that it can be just as fun and "city" like (we live in Encino) and with less traffic. My only issue is the heat. Anyways, my fiance sent me that article, and I immediately thought of your blog. I don't have a username, hence the anonymous status.


eviedee said...

If you enjoy a workout that makes you vomit I have just the ticket!
As an added bonus, you will leave each class with a dazzling array of bruises! So far I have lost 20 pounds and know many ways to injure men in that oh-so-sensitive area.

kate said...


Erm... vomitting is one thing. Bruising is quite another!

But I haven't ruled out the possibility. Coincidentally you are the second person this week to tell me it would be a good choice. So I'm considering it. But really slowly. I probably won't decide this week. That's a a safe bet.


eviedee said...

Yes, the bruises are a very unfortunate side effect.
I work nights and don't live in a particularly safe area so Krav was a great choice for me. If you consider it seriously definitely take a class or two before you sign up for the whole shebang. By the way, congrats on being right about the valley! :)You are SO cutting edge!