Sunday, July 30, 2006

DAY 65

So last month E and I got a Save-The-Date email for a surprise birthday party. And then a few weeks later we got a lovely engraved invitation to said surprise birthday party. I thought this was odd. I mean, it was a 37th birthday not a 40th; it seemed rather extravagent. But then we got another email asking if we could help distract the birthday boy by gathering at Casa Del Mar for a drink. And I thought: "How does the birthday boy walk into a snazzy bar and see all his friends and not think there's a surprise party going down?" Which is when I start thinking: wedding. This is a wedding and the surprise is on us. Well, sure enough it was. And it was the best wedding.

Well, technically, they were married a month ago in a far away place. So this was a bit of a re-enactment. BUT WITH ELVIS! ON THE BEACH! After the ceremony, Elvis sang a few songs at the reception and gave out a lot of his red silk scarves to his lady fans. Our place cards came with ring boxes and in the boxes were these fabulous gigantic jeweled pinky rings. Each place setting had CDs of Elvis cover songs and a photo of Elvis and Priscilla on the CD itself. The centerpieces were these adorable sand castles.

E and I both fell off the no-sugar diet because the wedding cake was a giant tower of our beloved Sprinkles cupcakes. We went for a quick walk on the beach with some other couples and all the girls waded knee-deep into the Pacific. The water must have been 80 degrees and there was a beautiful red crescent moon. Quite a night!

Oh, I almost forgot! We each got a sweet little gift bag on the way out. It's contents: one banana; one La Brea Bakery roll; and several small packages of peanut butter. Elvis' favorite late night treat!

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