Thursday, July 20, 2006

DAY 55

It's Wednesday, so you know what that means. Yup! E and I watched Project Runway! Tonight's challenge was to create a beauty pageant gown. Not my favorite challenge -- but Robert Best (recall, he's my favorite designer from Episode 1) finished in first place. He didn't win the challenge because his partner, Kayne Gillaspie, was the team leader and this week only one designer could win. But they can't have Robert winning every single challenge, that wouldn't be good TV. Malon Breton was bid auf wiedersehen this week and he informed us that he is "so ashamed." Perhaps because his dress literally looked like a giant turd? Tim described it as "looking really heavy" and "kind of like it's carved out of a big log." I couldn't help but suspect that Malan is the result of some genetic experiment wherein Superman's Brandon Routh and Madonna were the primary DNA samples. He says he's from Singapore, but I'm thinking Detroit (because apparently Detroit is where you learn fake British accents).

It was tough, but I've selected my final three designers for this season. They are:



Keith won the first challenge with this blue number (pictured right) which is cuter than it appears in this particular photo. Those necklaces cover up the neckline, but it really was cut beautifully. Keith is famous for having said that he's never made a dress before. He comes from menswear, not unlike Emmett from last season. But let's not forget that rumors abound on the Internet that Keith used some sketches in his portfolio that looked as if they'd been lifted from Marni (among others). Keith has explained this away by saying that editing made it appear as though he showed those sketches as his own -- when really those sketches were from a research project (on professional designers) that he completed.

Now, Uli is just a solid performer. She hasn't won a challenge yet but last week's dress was nice, and this week's dress was nice too. There aren't any great photos of Uli's dress from this week, but it moved beautifully and Vera Wang (who was the celebrity guest judge standing in for Michael Kors this week) seemed impressed with it. Also, Uli is just likeable. Remember Chloe from Season 2? The nice girl finishes first on Project Runway. So I'm keeping Uli on my list.

Robert, in my humble opinion should've won the first challenge because his adorable white dress was absolutely the standout and the audience clearly agreed with me. Check out this supercrazyfantastic frock (pictured left) from his '02 collection. This week was a team challenge so Robert didn't really have the opportunity to shine -- but he was an outstanding team member and all around likeable guy. His Quote of the Week came when Kayne tried to get him to put an unholy volume of rhinestones on their (winning) pageant gown. Robert's response: "She's a beauty queen not a disco ball!"

But speaking of 'shine' ....let's talk about three people who stand out for an entirely different reason. These three should be cut but will hang on till nearly the bitter end because they are such train wrecks and that keeps the audience coming back. *ahem*

Train wreck the first: VINCENT LIBRETTI.

I could never date this man. I could never work for this man. I can barely stand the sound of his voice. To give you an idea of his complete and utter lack of talent, check out this video I made of him. No, seriously I made it. Bravo put together this cool feature on their site where you can edit together video clips. It's too fun being a reality show editor! It's an all around outstanding website feature. Kudos to the Bravo web team.

Train wreck the second: ANGELA KESLAR.

She was Vincent's partner for this week's challenge. Now, I don't entirely blame her. I might have killed Vincent myself. But she was so ugly about it. And she didn't stop at Vincent, Keith gave her what I thought to be a bit of constuctive criticism and she said: "Well, I don't value your opinion at all .... So, you're wrong." I'm considering mailing her a copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Train wreck the third: LAURA BENNETT.

Remember Wendy from Season 1? Marla from Season 2? For whatever reason, Team Runway always includes a mom. Laura is Super Creepy Mom. She fancies herself a Coco Channel or something. But she's more like Gloria Swanson (in her role as Norma Desmond). *shudder*

Okay, this was way more than you ever wanted to know about The Best* Show on Earth.

*The Office is on hiatus.

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