Monday, July 17, 2006

DAY 53

I'm starting to suspect that my numbering is off as far as the days go. I suppose I can straighten that out. But that doesn't seem fun. How's about I just post? Okay.

E and I went to see Ray Davies at The Wiltern. I'm sorry, but if I'm gonna see Ray Davies, I wanna hear Come Dancing. So shoot me. E was perfectly fine with no Come Dancing. He's like a purist or something. Bah. But, beforehand (Dig that alliteration, Baby!) we had dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant:

Yeah, the one on Western between Pico and Olympic. As in: The Original. It's been there since 1923. Apparently, in 1923 people didn't know what Mexican food was, so they called it a Spanish Cafe. But it's Mexican. And it's great. I highly recommend the tacos el carbon:

Even better than that is the house margarita. It's strong. And it's mighty tastey. And best of all, no awkward margarita glass. I was so excited when mine arrived, I forgot to photograph it full:
Oh. Are you still here? You can get your own margarita you know. Go on. Visit El Chollo.

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