Friday, July 14, 2006

DAY 51

Today marks the begining of the No Sugar Diet. E has agreed to give up the White Trifecta (White Sugar, White Flour and White Rice) with me. I'm also subbing out diet soda and coffee for detox tea. No beer or wine. But Gin & (diet) Tonic are still in.

By and large, this is a pretty easy diet. Assuming you keep a sensible balance, you can still have the occasional whole wheat bread (if it's TRULY whole wheat and not just "wheat bread."). You can still eat some brown rice. And a tiny bit of brown sugar or honey is okay, so long as it is combined with complex carbs and protien (think: whipped cream on mixed berries or honey on a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese). You can eat all the meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables that you like. Also butter is still acceptable.

The theory behind the diet is simple: it keeps your blood sugar stable. Simple carbs like white rice, white flour, and sugar are digested very quickly and cause your blood sugar to shoot up. Caffiene convinces you that you aren't hungry when you are and thus your blood sugar drops and you don't want that either. Artificial sweetners create sugar cravings and causes you to expect things to taste sweet so they are out too. If your blood sugar is not shooting all over the place then you should have less cortisol and your body isn't creating fat in response. So that's it. Pretty simple.

E suggested another simple diet that he calls The Thirty Second Diet. Here's how it works: you can eat whatever you want, and as much as you want, but only three times a day. The catch? You only have thirty seconds to eat it. Yeah. So, we're not doing that one.

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