Wednesday, July 12, 2006

DAY 49

I dashed home from work tonight (at the right early hour of 9:00 p.m.) to catch the season premiere of Project Runway on Bravo. (Oh! Did I ever mention that Adelphia has finally fixed our cable? They have. After a grand total of four visits and seven phone calls over about two months. Gah.) Anwyay, this show is perfectly brilliant. Even E has come around. Sure, he pretends to be reading magazines, he pretends to be making snacks but really he is on the edge of his seat. In fact, when he left for the gym tonight he asked if I was recording it because he didn't want to miss Heidi's first auf wiedersehen of Season 3.

I have already chosen a favorite designer: Robert Best. He designs for Barbie you know. Seriously. He works for Mattel. I don't know what my issue is with Barbie but sales girls can smell it on me. Por exemplar, I went out shopping for some costumes for stripper class and I tried on these thigh high black patent leather boots and matching corsett and the sales girl goes: "You look just like Barbie!" Okay, I've never seen Dominatrix Barbie (and I have serious doubts that one exists) but I bought it. Lock. Stock. And barrel. And the first time I went in for a bikini wax, the waxing girl goes: "Do you want the Barbie?" Of course I did! Now, if she'd just called it a Brazilian there's no way I would have gone for that. Erm.... too much info?

Okay, back to Robert Best. Look at that effing dress! He made it from a duvet cover and a jeweled wall hanging. (This was the wall-to-wall challenge where the desingers had to make outfits from the materials in their rooms a la Scarlett O'Hara). The back of it is even cuter than the front. Those necklaces form the back straps and they are tied in the middle of the back with a darling petite red bow as does that red sash. The rest of the back is open. The skirt is the same in back as it is in front. So freaking cute.

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