Monday, July 10, 2006

DAY 47

Today, we went to Disneyland with E's parents. Wow, Disneyland has changed a lot. For example, Pirates of the Caribbean currently features Johnny Depp all over the place. The Hall of Presidents is gone. The Country Bear Jamboree: gone. But you know what is totally exactly the same as I remember it? The Enchanged Tiki Room. You know? The Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room? Where the birds sing words and the flowers croon! Well, I managed to take some (pretty lame) video of it and posted it to YouTube for your enjoyment. Go on. Enjoy.

And on the tram ride back to the Timon parking lot, do you know what E's mom said to me? She said: "Wildwood New Jersey is a nice place to get engaged." Ya see, E and I are going to visit them in Wildwood at the end of August. And apparently she's had enough of this whole "just living together" thing. We, however, have just barely gotten started with the whole living together thing so I said that we were plenty pleased with things as they are. And she said: "But it would make ME happy and I think you should live your lives for MY happiness." (Yes. She WAS kidding.) It was pretty funny actually.

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