Monday, July 10, 2006

DAY 46

E and I took a walk with his parents today. A loooooong walk from Loew's down to Venice Beach. And I had the misfortune of wearing four inch heels. I ended up buying a hideous pair of rubber flip flops from a street vendor for the long walk home.

While on the Venice boardwalk, we stopped to see a fire-eating street performer who pulled E from the crowd. The Fire Eater had E stand still with an unlit cigarette in his mouth. Apparently, the Fire Eater intended to ignite the cigarette by blowing flames onto it. And then he broke the cigarette in half, and then in a quarter and put it back in E's mouth. And then he had E sheild half his face with his hand. And E actually stood there the whole time. So the big moment comes, E is standing there with about an inch of cigarette sticking out of his mouth (he doesn't smoke, by the way) and with one hand sheilding half his face, and there's the fire eater with some flaming stick and he goes to blow. I gotta say, I'm kinda freaking out at this point... but E, he is just standing there. So the Fire Eater leans over and, instead of breathing fire at E's head, just blows out the flaming stick and says to the audience: "This dude is f---ing nuts!" The crowd goes wild. Luckily I had my Canon with me and got the whole thing on video.

We all headed back after the show and stopped at Casa Del Mar (pictured) for dinner. I had the black bass "Alla Nage" which was served with crushed spring peas and vegeable pistou. Amazing. E had the salmon which was also quite good but paled in comparison to the bass.

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