Wednesday, July 05, 2006

DAY 42

The 4th was great for us. We had breakfast with my parents and then went to a barbeque with some friends of E's. We rounded out the day with a re-enactment of last year's 4th (seeing the fireworks at CBS in Studio City).

So, there's something wrong with my gardening skills. Yeah. Maybe you remember the cute strawberry blossom from a few weeks back. Well they didn't exactly produce blue-ribbon strawberries. I have no idea why my strawberries are all malformed like that. The picture only shows two berries, but they are all like that. So embarassing. :-/


eviedee said...

Well, how do they taste?! If the strawberries taste good just tell people that it's a fancy pants new breed and then pretend to be shocked that they haven't heard of it yet.

kate said...

Heirloom strawberries.... I love it! (They do taste okay).

Nicole said...

If you are a little freaked out about eating them like that (I would be, it's a texture thing; sort of like biting into Quasimodo's hump), you can always turn them into delicious jams and cake toppings. Of course, simply cutting them up into smaller bits would hide the deformity too. I have a chocolate sauce recipe that goes well on sliced strawberries; if you want it, drop me a line over at

Humpy or not, go you for growing stawberries! Maybe it's a deficiency of something in the soil that strawberries need.

kate said...

Thanks Nicole. Of course, I'll never eat another strawberry again now that I've got that whole biting-into-Quasimodo's hump image in my mind. Eep. :-)