Saturday, July 01, 2006

DAY 39

Today E and I stumbled upon Big Kid Collectables (located at 14109 Burbank Blvd in Sherman Oaks) on our way to
Tapia Brother's
to pick up some produce. As you may recall, E loves all things that were marketed to children in the 1970's so he was pretty impressed with the shop. I was pretty impressed with the supercrazyfantastic TV's they had on display.

This picture really doesn't do them justice nor does the company's website. So you'll just have to take my word for it -- they are just about the coolest TV's I've ever seen. The picture was really sharp and they were showing some fabulous vintage cartoons.

Which reminds me, E has this idea to open a restaurant that's only open for breakfast. You can have high-sugar cereal or Eggos or oatmeal and cinnamon sugar toast. And there'd be TV's all over showing various Saturday morning cartoons. And there'd be optional seating on pillows on the floor around vintage coffee tables. He'll never get around to opening it, so if you want to that'd be great! Especially if you opened it in the Valley.

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