Saturday, July 01, 2006

DAY 38

E and I went to a screening at the Los Angeles Film Festival today. We saw I Want Somebody to Eat Cheese With written and directed by Jeff Garlin ( Curb Your Enthusiasm writer). It features Sarah Silverman and Amy Sedaris and it's an all around charming film.

It's essentially the story of how Garlin met his wife while he was sharing an apartment with his mother and working at Second City. Silverman delivers (her somewhat predictable but neverthless funny) sweet-faced potty-mouthed girl next door. Sedaris only has a cameo but she portrays an elementary school guidance counselor with facial ticks who counsels Garlin (all the while perched on those child-sized plastic classroom chairs).

Here's what I hate about these screenings though: the Q&A afterwards. The first question is ALWAYS: "How much of the dialogue was improvised and how much was scripted?" Which is like saying:just how bad was your script, like how much of your dialogue was not as good as what the actors just made up? The next question is always something incomprehensible. That is, somebody puts up their hand and just blathering on about their own writing or a different film with the same actors and they go on and on and either just sit down without asking any question (which causes a smattering of snickering throughout the audience) or they try to formulate a question on the fly at the end to make it seem like the whole monologue was planned. Here's the best one from tonight's screening: "Can you describe the supermarket scene?" Garlin's response: "I could. But you just saw it so..."

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