Tuesday, June 13, 2006

DAY Whatever-the-Hell-It-Is

Okay. A certain somebody claims that Adelphia never showed up today despite the fact that Adelphia swears up and down that their service guy called at 3:30 but nobody answered. Coincidentally, 3:30 is the same exact time that E (who was supposed to be AT HOME waiting for the cable guy) phoned me from his cell phone. E alleges that he was home and that Adelphia did not call-- they are "filthy good for nothing liars" says he. Gah.

Anyway. E has been occasionally perusing the site. And after reading he says things to me like: "you're such a liar." I am not. For the record. But anyway, he complains that I never say anything nice about him on here. "Because it's not amusing to either of my devoted readers," I reply. But he is relentless. So here are some excellent things E has done:

(1) He hand washed the good steak knives that have cherry wood handles, without being asked;
(2) After his friends came over for poker night, he actually cleaned up before coming to bed;
(3) He vaccummed one of our two floors; and
(4) He has lovingly adjusted his sleep scheduled from 3am-9am to midnight-8am to match my schedule.

See? He is pretty awesome. Also he insists that I mention that he keeps himself in tip-top physical condition.

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