Wednesday, June 28, 2006

DAY 36

Sorry. I was being kind of bitchy yesterday. I chalk it up to hormones.

Anyway, E and I went to see Superman Returns. E loves him the comic book superheroes so we had to go on opening night at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. I am totally kicking myself for not bringing my Canon along. People were actually wearing superman costumes. Grown men. The costumes with the muscles built in. One guy's date was wearing a green sequined dress (she was kryptonite). Three words: Oh. My. God.

I'm not going to review the film for you. You don't really care. And if you do really care, you've already read like 50 reviews. I will say this: Why the hell can't Lois recognize the love of her life when he's wearing glasses? Gah.

But speaking of the whole Superman thing, have I mentioned that E has the same aesthetic as say an eleven-year-old boy? E owns a (rather large) Spiderman oil painting. Oh yeah. And he wanted to hang it over the fireplace in the living room. (It's hanging in the upstairs office where it belongs).

He also owns about a dozen animation cells. Yup. He wanted to hang those all over the living room too. On this I compromised, and the Quick Draw Mc Graw & Baba Louie Show title card is hanging in the kitchen. But when I suggested that I just didn't want to live in the Hanna Barbera museum, he agreed to put the rest in his office (save the Hong Kong Phooey one that's in the stairwell). Of course, now he thinks the stairwell is too blank. And do you know what he wants to put there? Two gigantic Speed Racer lithographs. He honestly thinks there's a meaningful distinction between the animation cells and giant lithographs of cartoon characters.

At least he didn't ask me to dress up like kryptonite.

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