Thursday, June 22, 2006

DAY 31

Lordy, lordy, I love me the Denny's. Especially after an unusually long day at work. I ask you: is there anything more comforting than breakfast for dinner? I think not.

(E requested that I mention they were playing Rock Me Amadeus at Denny's as we supped. Good times for all.)


Laclos said...

"Breakfast" for "Dinner"... are you mad? Actually the food looks good and Fabio (or what ever his name was) certainly put his all into that song. ;-)

kate said...

Damn, you've found me out! I am, in fact, stark raving mad. But I do know that it was FALCO not Fabio (Fabio was hit it the face with a flying goose whilst riding a roller coaster to promote some theme park,Silly!) I sure do miss me the 80s.

Jen said...

I love breakfast for dinner (or lunch, or breakfast for that matter)! I also love Dennys! My fave is Moons over My Hammy. Mmmmmm.