Sunday, June 18, 2006

DAY 28

It's Sunday, so of course we had Chinese food. And I must say, Golden Crown Wok Palace (4722 Woodman Avenue 818.784.8287) makes some very tasty Orange Beef. Very tasty indeed. And afterward E tried to shove about 50 pounds of rice down the garbage disposal to avoid taking out the trash. I mean, sweet fancy Moses this boy has some Crazy-with-a-capital-C ideas about kitchen appliances!

If you, like E, do not know what happens when you put 50 punds of rice down a garbage disposal then let me tell you: it makes glue. Like industrial strength glue. How do you think you'd get industrial strength glue -- pounds of it no less -- out of a garbage disposal? If you googled it and found this (which is right on point), or if you just happen to understand glue, you'd know that you cannot. Luckily I caught him mid act -- before he could flip the switch -- and so he dug it all out of there before the real damage was done. Close call.

In case you are wondering, here's a brief list of things you should NOT put in the garbage disposal:

(1) More than a spoonful of rice;
(2) More than a spoonful of pasta;
(3) More than a spoonful of potato (whether, baked, mashed, or raw); and
(4) Your hand.

Some things that are okay to put in the garbage dispoal:

(1) Egg shells (they clean the blades a bit);
(2) Lemon wedges, lime wedges (for those days when you disposal feels not-so-fresh);
(3) A wee bit of scraps from your dinner plate; and
(4) Pretty much nothing else.


Jen said...

Also, banana peels do not belong in the disposal. Learned that one the hard way when I was about 14. I'm surprised I'm still alive after that one.

kate said...

hahahaha. Thanks Jen. I'll tell E right away.