Sunday, June 18, 2006

DAY 27

I did one of my favorite weekend things today; I visited Tapia Brothers' Farm Stand (5251 Hayvenhurst Ave, Encino, CA 91436 818.905.6155). E invited a couple over for a wee barbeque so it was the perfect excuse to go over there and load up on fresh produce and support my favorite local farm all at once.

I went to elementary school with Tina Tapia and the Tapia family supplied all the corn for our school barbeques and festivals and it was the best. It was the best then and it's the best now. The sunflowers pictured are from the stand and they are massive -- you can only see two of the five in the vase, and they were $6. Corn is 75 cents an ear (or 12 for $8). I wanted to take a picture of the corn (and strawberries!) but we ate them all before I had the chance. The farm stand is positively charming and the produce is picked that day. Get yee to Tapia Brothers' Farm! Go on. Shoo.

Oh, and here's my world famous recipe for shrimp cocktail in case you throw a wee fete yourself:

(1) Buy a bag of frozen shrimp from Trader Joe's (about $9);
(2) Defrost said shrimp;
(3) Mix up some cocktail sauce (it's just ketchup and prepared horseradish in a 60/40 ratio);
(4) Voila!

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