Friday, June 16, 2006

DAY 26

Tonight we went to Il Tiramisu (12705 Ventura Boulevard, at Woodman Ave). The wine list was a tad dissapointing. And strangely, but pleasantly, every single member of the staff waited on us at some point.

That is, no member of the staff would pass our table and not serve us or inquire about our needs. We definitely had a dedicated waitress -- but the manager stopped by and took our drink order. Another passing waiter took our dinner order. The busboy cleared our plates and asked if we wanted more drinks or more anything. Our real waitress reappeared and asked if we wanted dessert. The manager cleared some remaining plates. Come to think of it, service here is the polar opposite of service at Antonio's (see DAY 4).

E had the Pizza Chicken. Not to be confused with Chicken Pizza. There's no bread prodcuct. In fact, I can't tell the difference between the Pizza Chicken and what I have always known as Chicken Parmesian. Oh -- there was mozzerella in place of paremsian -- maybe that was it. It came with some really nice mashed potatoes. I had the simple caprese salad. The tomatos were beefsteak (blah, it's summer -- there should be heirlooms not beefsteaks!) and the water mozzerella was fine but not unusually good.

Personally, I've been working some very long hours (7am to 11pm yesterday; 8am to 7 pm today). And there is no shortage of drama at my office this week. So I'm off to bed. *yawns*

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