Wednesday, June 07, 2006

DAY 17

Our Subject (let's call him "E," shall we?) has discovered the blog. He was not pleased, not pleased at all. I offered to take it down. And do you know what he said? (No, of course you don't. That's the whole purpose of this blog -- to keep you in the loop. But I digress). He said: "No, keep it up. Maybe you'll convince people to move to The Valley and then housing prices in Brentwood will drop and we can move back." *harrumph* He thinks he's so smart! (Well, he is pretty smart despite the many bizarre ideas he has about electronics and such).

Oh! And get this: he wants to make celebrity guest postings! The nerve! I mean, seriously. This is so NOT an equal opportunity blog! Think about it, if I give on this, what will be next? He'll probably want to me to help take out the trash and carry heavy things. He's been eyeing the medicine cabinet lately and I suspect he is thinking he should get a shelf in there. I've simply got to draw the line somewhere. It'll be Armageddon!

[Adelphia Update: They do not think they can run a "fat" cable without drilling holes all over the place. Which would require a whole application to the HOA. I hate them. So much.]

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