Monday, June 05, 2006

DAY 14

It's been two weeks. Our Subject has not expired from the Valley heat (as he feared) nor has he been forgotten by his friends from Over The Hill. Things are going very well indeed. Accordingly, we took a field trip. And on a Sunday, there's only one logical place for Jews in Los Angeles to field trip: Monterey Park. That's right Dim Sum all around!

We went to the supercrazyfantastic Ocean Star Restaurant at 145 N. Atlantic Avenue. I know, I know, you are thinking why go the extra distance to Monterey Park when you could just go to Empress Pavilion downton? Because Empress Pavilion sucks, that's why. Sure, sure, they'll seat you. But no carts will ever come around and nobody really seems to care if you eat at all. That's why you have to go to Monterey Park.

Ordinarily, I would make a list of the things Our Subject liked and disliked for future reference, but there wasn't anything he disliked. Well, in fairness, he wasn't exactly crazy about the dessert (but I was). I love me the mochi. Especially when it's fried in a bit of sesame oil and filled with red bean paste and almonds. Delicious! Needlesss to say, if you want to catch a glimpse of Our Subject out and about, look for us at Ocean Star on any given Sunday. We're certain to be there more often than not.

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