Saturday, May 27, 2006


I have returned from the Hawaiian Isles with Our Subject (and while it is not the sixth calendar day of our cohabitation, it is the sixth actual day of cohabitation). I could post quite a bit about the sojourn but that would be rather a significant departure from the topic of this journal: Our Subject's Assimiliation in Sherman Oaks. Accordingly, I proceed without further ado.

As you know, Gentle Reader, I had rather high hopes that the South Pacific would calm Our Subject's nerves and thereby make his transition smoother. Alas, my hopes were dashed on the rocks less than 20 minutes after we landed at LAX. Despite Our Subject's downright playful mood during his days in Maui, the second we merged on to the 405 North, Our Subject turned to me and said: "I'll have to be sure not to get off at Sunset Boulevard [his former freeway exit]." I realize that, at first blush, this seems like an innocent comment but that is only because you do not know Our Subject like I do. I fear this statement to be a harbinger of dark days.

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