Thursday, May 18, 2006


We had a significant setback last night and so I will have to double my efforts.

First, Adelphia continues to vex Our Subject. As you recall, they failed to install cable prior to Our Subject's arrival in Sherman Oaks (see DAY 1). Now, the cable modem they provided is not properly functioning and their Video On Demand service was relentlessly serving up error messages (recall, that On Demand is how Our Subject accesses past episodes of The Sopranos whenever he needs comforting). Witnessing that Our Subject desperately needed quelling at this point, I delivered him posthaste to Antonio's Pizzeria (located at 13619 Ventura Blvd).

Of course, Our Subject is rather attached to his old Italian eatery in Brentwood: San Genaro (located at140 Barrington Place). San Genaro does have impeccable old-school service, I have to admit. The waiters are all seasoned and highly knowledgable about the dishes and the wine. They deliver your various dishes at exactly the appropriate moment and clear the table in the most subtle fashion. But I honestly find their menu to be wholly unremarkable. Antonio's, on the other hand, makes a positively smashing calssic clam and garlic pizza. Nice big pieces of chopped clams and enough garlic to stop an army of vampires in their tracks, I tell you. Antonio's also makes a fine meatball and Our Subject loves him the meatballs.

Though Our Subject rather enjoyed the fare at Antonio's, the service was clearly unsettling to him. There was but one waiter and he was constantly being harassed by a small boy named Dillon who followed the waiter through the restaurant demanding that a sleight-of-hand coin trick be performed over and over. Even if you could get the waiters attention, he was prone to holding up a single finger (no, not that one) to buy himself more time to roam about the restaurant aimlessly. Antonio's is truly a "neighborhood" restaurant with regular clientelle who don't mind the "relaxed" service, but I have grave concerns about the success of my experiment if these setbacks continue. Accordingly, I will be certain to get Our Subject's Italian food "to go" in the future.

One final note on Our Subject: I have observed that he consistently orders an extra meatball which he cannot consume. As a test, I made audible note of this point whilst he was ordering. He scoffed in response. As predicted, he appeared fully sated after consuming the first. I commented. He defiantly choked down nearly half of the extra meatball but he simply could not put down what remained. And yet he would not admit defeat. What followed was truly intriguing: he chopped up the remains of the meatball (when he suspected I wasn't watching, but I was) and camoflaged them in the remaining pasta! Astounding! I, of course, refrained from further comment as I did not want him to become agitated so close to bedtime. Come bedtime, he definitely appeared smug.

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