Wednesday, May 17, 2006


On the first day in his new digs Our Subject was irritable and hungry and, needless to say, there wasn't a bite to eat in the new fridge. To give you some background on Our Subject: he is a native of Maplewood, NJ and therefore a devoted fan of Rutt's Hut. Thus, in an effort to make Our Subject comfortable in his new home, I delivered him to the Wiener Factory, on Ventura Boulevard (near Kester Ave.).

I think he actually purred. Despite this fine establishment's "A" rating from the Department of Health (I do not think that Rutt's Hut can make the same statement, by the way), and shockingly courteous staff, WF makes the finest chilli dogs around. After all, they've served over 4 Hot Dogs! It says so on the sign over the take-out window so it must be true.

While the whole hot-dog thing satiated Our Subject for a brief period of time, he became noticably agitated later in the evening when he realized he could not watch The Sopranos during its regular time slot as the cable is not yet hooked up. (I won't mention any names but somebody knew perfectly well when The Sopranos airs and that same somebody is the one who set up the cable appointment and so he has nobody to blame but himself. But I digress.) He was comforted somewhat by the fact that we have subscribed to HBO On Demand so we will ultimately be able to see the episode once cable is hooked up. Nevertheless, we had to briefly discuss the merits of inviting ourselves over to the neighbors to watch it during it's regularly scheduled time. Luckily, he didn't require it.

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